Skaneateles Meadows Condominiums
  Skaneateles Meadows Condominiums

Saving Money

If you factor in the savings you will have by moving into your condo, you'll easily see how owning a unit is more affordable in the short and long run.

Add up the savings for 5-10 years and a Skaneatles Meadows Condo becomes a better idea than owning even a less expensive house, aside from the fact you'll have the opportunity to design and decorate your perfect home.

With using the generous allowances, you'll be starting with all new everything and it will be years before you have any inside expenses.


• Outside Maintenance: Will you need a new roof on your current house in the next 10 years? New mower? Driveway sealing and repair? Spending a lot on Landscaping? Mowing? Leaf disposal? Plowing? Deduct those items and more from your budget at Skeaneateles Meadows.


•Taxes:  No village taxes. Lower school taxes. Reasonable HOA fee.


• Utilities: The units are very energy efficient, so your gas and electric bills should be significantly lower. ($120 Avg? w/lots of variables) Water bills should be at the minimum as well. (About $35/Quarter) 


• Insurance: This will be considerably lower as well.


• Inside: Since your appliances, fixtures, etc. covered by your allowances will all be new, there should be minimal inside expenses for years.






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